Ælfric Puttoc

Ælfric Puttoc (/ˈælfrɪk ˈpʌtək/; Old English: Ælfrīc Puttoc; died 22 January 1051), sometimes modernised Alfric Puttock, was a medieval Archbishop of York and Bishop of Worcester.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where died Ælfric Puttoc?

Ælfric Puttoc died in Southwell.

How would Ælfric Puttoc be described?

Ælfric Puttoc would be described as Archbishop of York; Bishop of Worcester.

What is Ælfric Puttoc subject of?

Ælfric Puttoc is subject of 1051 deaths, 11th-century archbishops, Archbishops of York and Year of birth unknown.

What is the gender of Ælfric Puttoc?

Ælfric Puttoc is male.