Ælfsige (or Aelfsige; died 959) was Bishop of Winchester before he became Archbishop of Canterbury in 959.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where died Ælfsige?

Ælfsige died in the Italian Alps.

How would Ælfsige be described?

Ælfsige would be described as Archbishop of Canterbury; Bishop of Winchester.

When died Ælfsige?

Ælfsige died 959-1-1.

What is Ælfsige subject of?

Ælfsige is subject of 959 deaths, 10th-century archbishops, Archbishops of Canterbury, Bishops of Winchester and Year of birth unknown.

When died Ælfsige?

Ælfsige died 959.

What is the gender of Ælfsige?

Ælfsige is male.