Ælfsige II

Ælfsige was a medieval Bishop of Winchester. He was consecrated between 1012 and 1013. He died in 1032. In his will, he named Ealdorman Ælfheah as the guardian of his relatives and his last testament, as well as an estate at Crondall.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ælfsige II be described?

Ælfsige II would be described as Bishop of Winchester.

When died Ælfsige II?

Ælfsige II died 01.01.1032.

What is Ælfsige II subject of?

Ælfsige II is subject of 1032 deaths, 11th-century bishops, Bishops of Winchester and Year of birth unknown.

When died Ælfsige II?

Ælfsige II died 1032.

What is the gender of Ælfsige II?

Ælfsige II is male.