Ælfwaru (died 27 February 1007) was an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman, who bequeathed her lands to churches such as Ely, and Ramsey. Chroniclers, writing in the 12th century, transcribed such bequests, from the original cyrographs. Ælfwaru's cyrograph has not survived. Ælfwaru's father, Æthelstan Mannessune, had two sons: Eadnoth, and Godric; and two daughters: Ælfwaru, and Ælfwyn.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ælfwaru be described?

Ælfwaru would be described as Noblewoman.

What is the gender of Ælfwaru?

Ælfwaru is female.

What is Ælfwaru subject of?

Ælfwaru is subject of 11th-century English people, Anglo-Saxon people, 1007 deaths, 10th-century English people, People from Ely, Cambridgeshire and Year of birth unknown.

Where does Ælfwaru live?

Ælfwaru lives in Isle of Ely.