Ælfwine or Ælle (died c. 937) was a medieval Bishop of Lichfield. He was consecrated between 903 and 915 and died between 935 and 941. Ælfwine appears to have had a close relationship with King Æthelstan. Ælfwine was probably close to Æthelstan before he became king, and consistently attested the king's charters in a more prominent position than his status should have entitled him to. The historian Sarah Foot has suggested that Ælfwine may have been the "Æthelstan A", the name given by historians to the draftsman who crafted unusually detailed charters between 928 and 935, as he ceased witnessing at the same time as the Æthelstan A charters ended.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ælfwine be described?

Ælfwine would be described as Bishop of Lichfield.

What is the gender of Ælfwine?

Ælfwine is male.

What is Ælfwine subject of?

Ælfwine is subject of 937 deaths, 10th-century bishops, Year of birth unknown and Anglo-Saxon bishops of Lichfield.

When died Ælfwine?

Ælfwine died between 935 and 941.