1987, real name Victor Holmberg (born 28 April 1987), is a producer, songwriter and musician of solo projects. He is also a member of the Swedish electronic music duo Montauk.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would 1987 be described?

1987 would be described as artist Victor Holmberg.

What is the occupation of 1987?

1987 is or was occupied as Artist, songwriter, producer.

What is 1987 subject of?

1987 is subject of 21st-century singers, 1987 births, 20th-century guitarists, 20th-century singers, 21st-century guitarists, Date of birth missing (living people), Living people, Musicians from Stockholm, Swedish-language singers, Swedish electronic musicians, Swedish male singers, Swedish pianists, Swedish singer-songwriters and Swedish pop musicians.

Where was 1987 born?

1987 was born in Stockholm.

What is the gender of 1987?

1987 is male.

What is the homepage of 1987?


When did the career of 1987 start?

The career started in 2013.