Ömer Tanyeri

Ömer Tanyeri

Ömer Tanyeri (born 1900 – died 1967) was a Turkish football player of Fenerbahçe. He called as Beleş Ömer. He scored 52 goals in 70 matches for Fenerbahçe between 1921–25 and won 1922-23 Istanbul League Championship. He also played for Altınordu İdman Yurdu SK between 1917–19 and won 1917-18 Istanbul Football League Championships. He played for Turkish national football team in 1920's. He is also member of General Harington Cup squad.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would Ömer Tanyeri be described?

Ömer Tanyeri would be described as Turkish footballer.

What is the gender of Ömer Tanyeri?

Ömer Tanyeri is male.

When died Ömer Tanyeri?

Ömer Tanyeri died 1967.

When was Ömer Tanyeri born?

Ömer Tanyeri was born on 1900.

What is Ömer Tanyeri subject of?

Ömer Tanyeri is subject of Turkish footballers, Fenerbahçe S.K. footballers, Turkey international footballers, 1900 births, 1967 deaths and People from Istanbul.