Ahmad Ismail Ali (Arabic: أحمد إسماعيل علي‎‎) (14 October 1917 – 26 December 1974) was the Commander-in-Chief of Egypt's army and minister of war during the October War of 1973, and is best known for his planning of the attack across the Suez Canal, code-named Operation Badr.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where died ()?

() died in London.

How would () be described?

() would be described as Egyptian military commander.

When died ()?

() died 26.12.1974.

When was () born?

() was born on 14.10.1917.

What is () subject of?

() is subject of Egyptian Military Academy alumni, Egyptian people of the Yom Kippur War, Field marshals of Egypt, 1917 births, 1974 deaths and Defence Ministers of Egypt.

Where was () born?

() was born in Egypt.

What is the gender of ()?

() is male.