Dewan Mushtaq Ahmed (Urdu: دیوان مشتاق احمد‎) (born September 23, 1949 at Mandi Bahauddin) is a Pakistani politician. He received his Intermediate from Mandi Mandi Bahauddin, and is the son of Dewan Muhammad Ishaq. He is an agriculturist, who also have served as Chairman, Municipal Committee of Mandi Bahauddin for six years. He was elected as a MPA Member of the Provincial Assembly to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in 1997 till 1999. After the General Musharraf's military coup in 1999, he was one of the few PML-N Parliamentarians who chose to remain loyal with his party (PML-N) despite lucrative offers from PML-Q (General Musharraf’s party) and raised his voice against the military coup.

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Who was the predecessor of ()?

The predecessor of () was Shahbaz Sharif.

How would () be described?

() would be described as Pakistani politician.

When was () born?

() was born on 23.09.1949.

What is () subject of?

() is subject of Pakistani politicians, 1958 births and Living people.

To which party does () belong?

() is member of Pakistan Muslim League (N).

How many children has ()?


What is the gender of ()?

() is male.