Ariq Böke (after 1219–1266), the components of his name also spelled Arigh, Arik and Bukha, Buka (Mongolian: Аригбөх; Chinese: 阿里不哥), was the seventh and youngest son of Tolui, a son of Genghis Khan. After the death of his brother the Great Khan Möngke, Ariq Böke claimed the title of the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire and briefly took power while his brothers Kublai (more commonly known as Kublai Khan) and Hulagu (more commonly known as Hulagu Khan) were absent from the Mongolian homeland. When Kublai returned for an election in 1260, rival factions could not agree, and elected both claimants, Kublai and Ariq Böke, to the throne, resulting in the Toluid Civil War that fragmented the Mongol Empire. Ariq Böke was supported by the traditionalists of the Mongol Empire, while his brother Kublai was supported by the senior princes of North China and Manchuria.

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Who was the predecessor of )?

The predecessor of ) was Kublai Khan.

How would ) be described?

) would be described as 13th-century Mongolian monarch.

When died )?

) died 01.01.1266.

When was ) born?

) was born on 01.01.1219.

What is ) subject of?

) is subject of 1266 deaths, Mongol Empire people, 13th-century Mongol rulers, Descendants of Genghis Khan, History of Mongolia, Year of birth uncertain, Year of birth unknown and Borjigin.

When died )?

) died 1266.

What is the gender of )?

) is male.

When did the career of ) start?

The career started in 1259.