Zhu Biao (Chinese: t 朱標, s 朱标, p Zhū Biāo; 10 October 1355 – 17 May 1392) was the Hongwu Emperor's first son and crown prince of the Ming Empire. His early death created a crisis in the dynasty's first succession that was resolved by the successful usurpation of his brother Zhu Di as the Yongle Emperor, an act with far-reaching consequences on the future of China. While his father completed his rebellion against the Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Biao was generally kept away from the front lines and provided with the most esteemed Confucian scholars of his time as tutors. Particularly by comparison with his father or brother, Zhu Biao is remembered as being soft-hearted. The official History of Ming records him once questioning his father why so many of the ministers and generals who had aided him in forming the Ming Empire were being rewarded with death or banishment. His father replied that they were like thorns on a vine; not trusting Zhu Biao to do it himself, the Hongwu Emperor was kindly removing them before passing it on to his son. Like his son, the Jianwen Emperor, Zhu Biao had a deep appreciation for traditional Chinese culture: he was involved in a survey of Xi'an and Luoyang as potential capitals for the dynasty when he fell ill and died in 1392 at the age of 36. He was posthumously honored with the title Crown Prince Yiwen (懿文太子) by his father and Xingzong (明兴宗), Emperor Kang (康皇帝, lit. "Emperor of Health") by his son. After his younger brother Zhu Di usurped the throne, he was posthumously demoted back to Crown Prince Yiwen. During Southern Ming, he was again posthumously restored as Xingzong and Emperor Kang.

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How would ) be described?

) would be described as Ming Dynasty prince.

When was ) born?

) was born on 10.10.1355.

What is ) subject of?

) is subject of 1355 births, 1392 deaths and Ming dynasty imperial princes.

What is the gender of )?

) is male.

When did the career of ) start?

The career started in 1368.