Syed Shah Mardan Shah-II widely known as Pir Pagara (Urdu: پیر پگارا‎, Sindhi: پير پاڳارو‎; 22 November 1928 – 10 January 2012) was the spiritual leader of Hurs and president of political party Pakistan Muslim League (F). He was commonly known in Pakistan as Pir Sahib Pagara and Pir Shaab. He was an influential figure in Pakistani politics and the leader of Hur Force in Pakistan who also participated in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965. He was also a first-class cricketer. He died on 10 January 2012 in London, due to liver infection.

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Where died ()?

() died in London.

How would () be described?

() would be described as Pakistani cricketer.

When was () born?

() was born on 22.11.1928.

What is () subject of?

() is subject of Pakistani cricketers, Pakistani politicians, Sindh cricketers, Sindhi people, 1928 births, 2012 deaths, Deaths from liver disease, Pakistani religious leaders, Politicians from Karachi, Pakistan Muslim League (F) politicians, Pakistani hunters, Pakistani Sufis, Pakistani Sunni Muslims and Sindh politicians.

Where does () live?

() lives in Karachi.

To which party does () belong?

() is member of Pakistan Muslim League (Functional).

What is the gender of ()?

() is male.