Jakhongir Jalilov (Tajik: Ҷаҳонгир Ҷалилов, Persian: جهانگیر جلیلف‎‎; born on 28 September 1989) is a retired Tajikistani footballer who played for FC Istiklol and the Tajikistan national football team.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

How would () be described?

() would be described as Tajikistani footballer.

How tall is ()?

() is 174 cm tall.

What is () subject of?

() is subject of 1989 births, Tajikistani footballers, FC Istiklol players, Living people and Tajikistan international footballers.

Where was () born?

() was born in Tajikistan.

What is the gender of ()?

() is male.

In which teams was () active?

() was active in Football Club Istiklol and Tajikistan.