Abduazizov Mahkamov (born 15 July 1987) is a Tajikistani footballer who currently plays as a goalkeeper for Alay Osh and Tajikistan.

Source: Wikipedia DBpedia

Where was () born?

() was born in Tajikistan.

What is the gender of ()?

() is male.

What is () subject of?

() is subject of 1987 births, Tajikistani footballers, Tajik League players, Association football goalkeepers, Living people, Place of birth missing (living people) and Tajikistan international footballers.

What was or is the position of ()?

The position of () is or was Goalkeeper (association football).

In which teams was () active?

() was active in FK Khujand, Alay Osh, Tajikistan and FC Panjshir.