Onneca Fortúnez or Iñiga Fortúnez (c. 848 – after 890) was a Basque princess from the Kingdom of Pamplona, later known as the Kingdom of Navarre. She was the daughter of Fortún Garcés of Pamplona and his wife Auria. At the time of Onneca's birth, which occurred between 848 and 850, the Iberian Peninsula was largely under the domination of the Muslim Umayyad dynasty. Only the northern kingdoms of Asturias and Pamplona remained under Christian rule, perpetuating the Hispano-Roman Visigothic traditions. Onneca was a member of the Íñiguez dynasty, named after her great-grandfather Íñigo Arista, who founded the Kingdom of Pamplona. Information about Onneca's life is sketchy. Biographical details about her come from two main sources: the Roda Codex and the accounts of Muslim Andalusi historians, who refer to Onneca by the Arabic name Durr (در), meaning "pearl". Onneca is primarily known for marrying into the Umayyad dynasty. Although matrimonial unions between Christian slave-concubines and Muslim rulers were common, Onneca's case is one of the few examples of a Christian princess marrying into Muslim royalty. Her marriage created family ties between the Christian and Muslim ruling families of the Iberian peninsula, initially leading to close collaboration between the Christian House of Íñiguez and the Muslim Umayyads. The political effects resulting from Onneca's marriages continued to be felt long after her death, which occurred at an unknown date.

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How would ) be described?

) would be described as Navarrese infanta.

Who is the spouse of )?

Abdullah ibn Muhammad al-Umawi.

When died )?

) died 890.

When was ) born?

) was born on 848.

What is ) subject of?

) is subject of 840s births, Basque people, Year of death unknown, House of Íñiguez, Spanish infantas, Women of medieval Spain, Basque women, Navarrese people and 9th-century Spanish people.

When died )?

) died aft. 890.

What is the gender of )?

) is female.